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Keep ERM simple with our easy, affordable reporting tool

Simplifies risk reporting, engages risk owners and streamlines processes.

simple . streamlined . secure

Risk Wizard Clients: Ithica College
Risk Wizard Clients: University of California
Risk Wizard Clients: Claremont University Consortium

What colleges and universities are saying

"Together we created a range of reports for the Risk Committee, including a heat map - something they longed for. We've really taken it to the next level."

Kristine Slaght
Director Risk Management & Insurance

Ithaca College

Makes life easier for risk managers

Simple is best - Risk Wizard is easy, quick and secure.  Reporting is painless and risk owners find it a breeze.  Streamlined processes saves time and effort. Overall our tailored Higher Education ERM software makes life easier.  

Why Risk Wizard?

Reassures stakeholders

Shows robust ERM approach which reassures the board, committees and president.


Engages risk owners

Encourages risk owners to engage in ERM process and highlights risk accountability.


User friendly

Easy, quick and secure way to manage ERM information within a cloud environment.

Customizable terminology

Easily tailored

Easy to setup and refine the system to suit organizational structure and ERM framework.


Affordable fees 

Sensible pricing means every college and university can afford an ERM reporting tool.


Delivers savings

Save time, effort and free up resources compared to Excel and older, inflexible systems.

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